Transportation in California

Transportation in California can be both extremely dynamic as well as complex. There are a variety of ways that you can utilize the transportation systems in California. From freeways and roads to air and sea transport, there are endless ways you can travel. Even though there are many airports that are spread out all over the state, the population is expanding which may cause a challenge in providing the proper levels of transportation.

There are some issues that are facing the citizens of California and could impact their means of travel tremendously.

Mass Transportation

One of the biggest issues that California politicians consistently face is whether or not the freeway network should be expanded or if they should simply focus on improving the mass transit systems. There are a number of mass transit systems that are currently in the planning stages or being constructed as we speak. Many mass transportation systems are implementing the contactless smart card systems which give people to pay electronically.

It seems as though that the citizens of California would rather see the government focus on the mass transit struggles as opposed to the freeways. More and more individuals are using mass transportation as a means to transport themselves all over California. Less and less people are driving on highways.

Other Forms of Transportation

California is home to some of the biggest and best airports in the United States. The Los Angeles International Airport as well as the San Francisco International Airport are two of the busiest airports in the world when it comes to the amount of passengers. They also have various harbors and seaports which handle ¼ of all the cargo traffic here in the U.S.

With the population on the rise as well as the need for transportation, the government of the state of California seem to be focusing their energy on mass transit and making it more convenient for the people who use it. They implemented a 700 mile rail system in the state which allows the people of California to travel do different areas of the state.

Highways and Roads

However, there are many citizens of California who feel like the roads should be the primary focus. They believe that they are in horrible condition and should be repaired immediately. A foundation called Transportation California was formed in the early 1990s and helped pass and create the Transportation Blueprint in 1990. It made a significant impact on how the government looked at roads and highways in California.




When it comes to transportation in California there is always going to be a divided line between people who want government to focus on roads and the people who want to focus their time on the mass transit system. A large portion of the population use some sort of mass transit to get to work and school. However, there are still quite a large number of individuals who still enjoy that peaceful drive to work. But with the roads in the shape they are in, it is anything but peaceful. The future for California transportation is uncertain.